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Orlando Cat Cafe

Take a Break and Visit the Many Cats Up for Adoption at Orlando Cat Cafe.

Activity Location:

Clermont, FL

Activity Information:

Situated in the charming city of Clermont, just a short drive from Orlando, the Orlando Cat Cafe is a unique and delightful haven for feline enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike. This innovative establishment combines the cozy ambiance of a coffee shop with the comforting presence of adoptable cats, creating a space where visitors can enjoy the company of these furry companions while sipping on their favorite brew.

The Orlando Cat Cafe provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, complete with comfortable seating and a charming decor that sets the stage for a relaxing experience. Guests can unwind in the presence of friendly and adoptable cats, creating a therapeutic environment that fosters a sense of calm and joy. Whether visitors are seeking a moment of solace with a book or engaging in conversation with fellow cat lovers, the cafe offers a unique and heartwarming setting.

The cafe serves as a satellite location for the South Lake Animal League, providing a home-like environment for cats awaiting adoption. This innovative approach allows potential adopters to spend quality time with the cats, fostering a connection and helping ensure a successful match. The mission of the Orlando Cat Cafe goes beyond providing a delightful space for coffee and cat lovers; it actively contributes to the well-being and adoption of cats in need.

The menu at Orlando Cat Cafe features a selection of premium coffee and tea beverages, alongside a variety of pastries and snacks. Visitors can indulge in their favorite treats while enjoying the company of the resident cats, creating a unique and memorable dining experience. The cafe also hosts special events and activities, such as yoga classes with cats or themed gatherings, adding an extra layer of fun and community engagement.

Whether seeking a moment of tranquility, looking to adopt a furry companion, or simply enjoying the company of cats while sipping on a delicious beverage, the Orlando Cat Cafe in Clermont offers a one-of-a-kind experience. With its commitment to animal welfare, cozy ambiance, and delightful menu offerings, the cafe has become a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike, proving that the combination of coffee and cats creates a purrfect blend of joy and warmth.

More Information:

Located about 15 minutes from Davenport Florida.

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Address and Contact Information:

532 Cagan Park Ave, Clermont, FL 34714


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