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Travel Tips & Ideas - Davenport Florida

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Travel Tips - Davenport Florida
Travel Tips & Ideas for Visiting Davenport Florida

Best Time To Travel

Weather in Davenport FL

Airports Near Davenport FL

Closest Beaches to Davenport FL

Find the Best Travel Tips & Ideas - Visit Davenport Florida

Best Time To Travel

We welcome travelers from all around the globe to enjoy the Florida Sunshine and all the amazing things Florida has to offer. Peak seasons and months like March bring greater wait times at Theme Parks like Walt Disney World or Universal Studios. Some places are worth the wait like Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Parks located in the Lake Beuna Vista area. You may want to check out Sea World to discover animals and get a little wet with the family during one of their entertaining shows or rides. There are many fun things to do in Davenport Florida during March. Check out our pages that feature information on Florida State Parks, Florida Springs or other Attractions near Davenport Fl.

Airports Near Davenport FL

Find the closest airport to Davenport Florida. There are a few smaller airports located in the area but the major airports are Orlando International Airport, Sanford Airport and Tampa Airport. 


Orlando International Airport

Address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827

Phone:(407) 825-2001

Tampa International Airport

Address: 4100 George J Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL 33607

Phone: (813) 870-8700

Orlando Sanford International Airport

Address: 1200 Red Cleveland Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773

Phone: (407) 585-4000

Weather in Davenport FL

The Rainy Season is June to August and Sometimes Into September and October. - The Davenport and Championsgate Area Gets Very Busy During March Spring Break and Over the Summer. Snowbirds Typically Stay January to March in Davenport Florida Homes and RV Golf Resorts in the Area.

Closest Beaches to Davenport Florida

Check out our complete list of the Closest Beaches to Davenport FL here:

  • Cocoa Beach - 1 hr 27 min

    • 84.9 miles from Davenport FL

  • Clearwater Beach - 1 hr 33 min

    • 87 miles from Davenport FL

  • St. Pete Beach - 1 hr 32 min

    • 94 miles from Davenport FL

  • Daytona Beach - 1 hr 34 min

    • 91 miles from Davenport FL

Florida Beaches close to Davenport Florida can be visited 365 days a year, 7 days a week, but not always 24 hours a day. Be sure to check the local beach listings to see what the rules are for that area.

Some of the most magical moments at Florida Beaches are Sunrise and Sunset. Try to plan your day and activities accordingly to get the most from your trip.

Enjoy Florida Beaches Today!

Florida is a popular vacation destination for many people, with its beautiful beaches, theme parks, and warm weather. Here are some travel tips to help you plan your trip to Florida:

   Decide on your itinerary: Florida is a large state with many different destinations to choose from. Decide on your itinerary based on your interests and the amount of time you have. Some popular destinations include Orlando (home to many theme parks), Miami (known for its beaches and nightlife), and Key West (a beautiful island at the southern tip of Florida).

   Pack accordingly: Florida is known for its warm and humid weather, so pack accordingly with light, breathable clothing, sunscreen, and a hat. Be sure to also bring comfortable shoes for walking and any necessary medications.

   Rent a car: Renting a car is a great way to explore Florida at your own pace. Many of the state's attractions are spread out, so having a car will give you more flexibility in your itinerary. Just be aware of the traffic in popular areas like Orlando and Miami.

   Plan for theme parks: If you're planning to visit one of Florida's many theme parks, be sure to plan ahead. Buy your tickets in advance to save time and money, and plan your visit around peak times to avoid long lines.

   Visit the beaches: Florida is home to many beautiful beaches, so be sure to visit at least one during your trip. Some popular options include Clearwater Beach, Daytona Beach, and South Beach in Miami.

   Be prepared for bugs: Florida is also known for its bugs, particularly mosquitoes. Be sure to bring insect repellent and consider wearing long sleeves and pants in the evening.

   Respect the wildlife: Florida is home to many unique and endangered species, including alligators and sea turtles. Be sure to respect their habitats and follow any rules and regulations in place to protect them.

   Stay hydrated: With its warm weather and humidity, it's important to stay hydrated while in Florida. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Overall, Florida is a great vacation destination with something for everyone. By following these travel tips, you can make the most of your trip and have a fun and memorable experience.

Davenport Florida Travel Tips and Ideas

Welcome to  Davenport Florida. This site provides information on Davenport and Championsgate. Spend the day Shopping with family and friends while visiting Davenport Florida on your vacation. If you are looking for shopping, restaurants and dining, entertainment and more then plan a trip to this beautiful city located at Highway 27 and I-4 in Davenport.

Visit Davenport Florida

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