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Gatorland - Orlando Florida

​​Explore Gatorland - Orlando Florida

Adventure awaits at Gatorland, the 110 acre affordable priced and family friendly fun for the whole day!
Gatorland originally opened in 1949 on the South Orange Blossom Trail just South of Orlando. This popular attraction allows you to get up close and way too personal with alligators and crocodiles in Florida.
Most people take US-17 N/US-92 or I-4 to FL 417 to Osceola Parkway
Gatorland is Located about 35 minutes from Davenport Florida and this nature adventure is packed with fun things to do for the whole family.


 What Can You Do At Gatorland Orlando?

View, feed or pet the thousands of alligators and crocodiles on display here. Walk through the beautiful Aviary and see some exotic birds. Climb the observation tower at the Alligator Breeding Marsh for the thrill of a lifetime! See real Florida Panthers or take the kids to the petting zoo for a great time. See Snakes, Critters, Reptiles, Tortoises and albino gators. The nature walk is good to burn some of those calories from fried gator bites and french fries with soda. Take a ride on the Stompin' Gator Off Road Adventure with the family to see some real Florida. The Bobcat Bayou and Gator Gully Splash Pad are always fun when you run out of Things To Do At Gatorland Orlando

*New Screamin Gator Zipline and Gator Gauntlet Zipline for those thrill seekers near Davenport Florida!

*Looking for Things To Do At Night Near Davenport Florida? Head to Gatorland for the Gator Night Shine adventure! Some scary Florida Gator Fun under the moon.

How much does it cost to get into Gatorland Orlando?

Usually only $20-$30 for a Day Pass and Children aged 2 and under are always FREE!

Can You Bring Food Into Gatorland?

Usually they allow you to bring a cooler just no alcoholic beverages or glass containers in the park.

What Specials or Coupons Do They Have For Gatorland Orlando?

Search Online and Sometimes Gatorland directly offers great discounts on already affordable pricing and or check Groupon sometimes for a great deal on Gatorland!

Can You Have Birthday Parties at Gatorland Orlando?

Of Course! Contact Gatorland Today for packages!

Can You Get On The Back Of A Real Alligator?

Yes You Can and They Take Pictures For Proof You Survived! Visit Davenport Florida and head to Gatorland to become a Gator Trainer For A Day!

Is there shopping at Gatorland Orlando?

Yes, the General Store has lots of great gifts to bring home for special people in your life that like real gator heads. Grab a bit to eat at Gatorland in the Coffee Shop, Fudge Kitchen, Pearl's Good Eats or the favorite Snackbar on the boardwalk.
Gatorland Orlando Florida Gators, Alligators
Visit Gatorland Orlando Today and let them know the great folks at sent you!
Address: 14501 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL, 32837
Phone: 407-855-5496
More Information on Florida Alligators

Florida is home to one of the largest populations of alligators in the world, with an estimated 1.3 million alligators living in the state. These iconic reptiles can be found throughout Florida, from freshwater lakes and swamps to saltwater marshes and estuaries.

Alligators are a keystone species in Florida's ecosystems, playing an important role in maintaining the balance of nature. They are apex predators and help regulate the populations of other species, such as fish and turtles. Alligators also create and maintain habitats for other animals by digging holes and building nesting mounds.

Despite their important ecological role, alligators can pose a danger to humans if they are not respected and given their space. In Florida, alligator attacks on humans are rare but can occur. It's important to remember that alligators are wild animals and should never be approached or fed.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is responsible for managing the state's alligator population and promoting the coexistence of humans and alligators. The FWC enforces regulations to protect alligators and people, such as prohibiting feeding alligators, capturing or killing alligators without a permit, and requiring the use of protective gear when handling alligators.

In addition to their ecological importance, alligators are also a popular attraction for tourists visiting Florida. Many wildlife parks and attractions offer alligator shows and educational exhibits to educate visitors about these impressive creatures. Alligator meat is also a popular delicacy in some parts of Florida, with restaurants serving dishes such as alligator tail and alligator sausage.

Overall, alligators are an important part of Florida's natural heritage and a fascinating species to observe and learn about. By respecting their space and following regulations, humans can safely coexist with these remarkable reptiles.

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