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ItSugar Sunset Walk

Huge Candy Store

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IT'Sugar at Sunset Walk in Kissimmee, Florida, is a sweet haven that beckons candy enthusiasts and those with a penchant for indulgence. This vibrant and whimsical candy emporium offers a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors seeking an array of confectionery delights. As part of the Sunset Walk entertainment district, IT'Sugar adds a colorful and energetic touch to the lively atmosphere of the area.

Upon entering IT'Sugar, visitors are greeted by a visually stunning array of candies, chocolates, and sweets that line the shelves. The store boasts an extensive selection of treats, from nostalgic classics to modern favorites, ensuring that there's something for every sweet tooth. The vibrant and playful decor creates a lively ambiance, making the shopping experience at IT'Sugar not just a transaction but a delightful journey into the world of sugar-filled delights.

The Sunset Walk location in Kissimmee serves as a perfect destination for families, couples, and individuals looking to satisfy their sweet cravings. Beyond the aisles of candy, IT'Sugar offers a range of novelty items, quirky gifts, and unique merchandise that add a touch of fun to the shopping experience. Whether it's oversized candy bars, humorous accessories, or branded merchandise, the store embraces a sense of playfulness that resonates with visitors of all ages.

In addition to being a retail haven for candy enthusiasts, IT'Sugar often hosts events and promotions, adding an extra layer of excitement to the shopping experience. From seasonal celebrations to special discounts, the store engages with its community and ensures that each visit is a memorable and enjoyable occasion.

IT'Sugar at Sunset Walk in Kissimmee FL stands as more than just a candy store; it's a destination that celebrates the joy and nostalgia associated with sweet treats. Whether visitors are on the hunt for a specific candy, looking to explore new flavors, or simply want to immerse themselves in a world of confectionery delights, IT'Sugar provides a delightful and whimsical experience that lingers long after the last candy is savored.

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Located about 15 minutes from Davenport Florida

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3230 Margaritaville Blvd Ste E.140, Kissimmee, FL 34747


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