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The Last Meal Before Lock-Down 2020

When you're visiting Davenport Florida and want one great meal to remember the whole trip by then definitely consider trying Ovation Bistro & Bar on US Highway 27 in the Deer Creek Crossings plaza. Ovation is known for having amazing food that's always fresh and ready to serve!

With the current stress level in the country over Coronavirus we must stop and remember the things that bring us joy in life like mouthwatering ribs, lobster mac and cheese, crisp fries and sometimes adult beverages. Yes, the country is shutting down, events are being cancelled, school is out early and many people are sadly out of work. But, Ovation Bistro & Bar can make all your problems go away! Sit back and relax with a refreshing drink while they treat you like family. The founding brothers are passionate about food and you can tell with every bite you take at the #1 Rated Restaurant on Trip Advisor in Davenport Florida.

Why should you choose Ovation Bistro & Bar for your last meal before a possible lock down? Because the Owners of this Local Davenport Restaurant are always committed to our communities by donating thousand of meals and dollars each year to those less fortunate than us. The Ovation Bistro Foundation is their non-profit company and the sole mission is to help Polk County Residents. They have donated over 30,000 meals with Feeding America Tampa Bay and supported hundreds of charities and even given out scholarships. Small businesses and family owned businesses need you more than ever right now to help get through this slump. Disney helps support the thousands of people that live and work in Central Florida and when the doors closed we knew things were changing quickly in Davenport Florida.

Once you have enough toilet paper for two lifetimes, enough soap for a small village and enough hand sanitizer or bottled water to fill a Florida swimming pool then, please visit Ovation Bistro and just enjoy.

42605 Hwy 27 North

Davenport, FL 33837


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