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Evictions & Defaults In Davenport Florida - The Coronavirus Conundrum

What confusing and difficult financial problems has the Coronavirus brought to residents of Davenport Florida? For starters thousands of people are already missing or skipping their car, mortgage and rent payments as Americans fight to prevent their credit from being damaged and or much worse things like eviction, foreclosure or repossession.

The struggle is real. Do you feed your family for the week or pay your car note? Buy those new clothes your kids need or pinch the last of the pennies and send out your mortgage payment hoping the funds are still there when it hits. Floridians must make hard choices in these troubling times.

If you, a friend or family member has attempted to file for financial help through the Florida Unemployment System or better known as Florida Reemployment Assistance Website then, you know what the internet was like 20 years ago. The online portal was doomed from the start even before Coronavirus hit the Florida. Many articles online advised that the State of Florida and Governor knew years ago that the website could never handle large amounts of traffic or too many simultaneous users at once in case of an emergency situation.

Here we are in 2020 and when disaster hit hard the system crashed hard for those of us who needed it most. Many Davenport Florida residents sat patiently in front of the website for countless hours as the system kicked you out over and over, requiring you to re input data over and over until may or may not have saved your information successfully. This is totally unacceptable to have taken millions of dollars a year in funds for "unemployment" from hard working Floridians only to have never invested into a working and reliable system for distributing the money when you need it the most. On top of everything else many residents waited well over 8 weeks before ever seeing a cent.

The last few months have been one of the most challenging times we have faced together as a country in many years. Yes, the government was kind and sent out about a grand to help the struggling families of America put food in their children's mouth and gas in their car for a short time. This leaves the very real problem of sinking even further in debt just to stay alive.

Some people were lucky enough to contact their mortgage company for their house in Davenport Florida to seek some form of forgiveness during the Coronavirus crisis. Not all mortgage companies even cared to help other than maybe move the missed one month payment to the end of the loan term. This has also been reported from car owners in Davenport FL who sought to get relief from payments while unemployed or on furlough from their place of employment. These short term relief options are great for a month and maybe two but here we are into several months of not working and living off the few dollars the state and government sent our way. When you are like most Americans and are living paycheck to paycheck the slightest hick up or change in income can have devastating consequences. The few who have loans and mortgages with companies with a heart are lucky enough to skip some payments or have some other short term forgiveness. Millions of Floridians and Americans will have to enter into some forbearance plan to prevent foreclosure or eviction in 2020.

With the increase in late payments lawmakers and congress didn't want these to hurt the credit scores for people who were current on their payments before Coronavirus should be reported to the credit companies as current on their payments while in a hardship program. This still doesn't help the millions of people who are defaulting on credit cards, car loans or house loans when the payments have to be made up and the income of the borrower has not increased enough to catch up on the payments.

The major determining factors in preventing this crisis from moving along further could come in the form of another government stimulus like the $1,200 or the continuing of the Federal Government's expanded unemployment benefits or the $600 payments on top of Florida State Reemployment Assistance. This extra boost from the government has helped prevent many Davenport Florida residents from loosing their home or car while unemployed but is set to expire at the end of July 2020. Some people have been blessed to return to work and resume their normal income and routine but, many people have not been so fortunate to get the call to return to work. In the very near future we will probably see many more defaults on car loans, credit cards and defaults on home mortgages due to the Coronavirus melting down the economy over the last few months.

Many families will face eviction and have no other choice than to start life over and pray for the best with help from friends, family and the communities that care enough to help. We must come together and find ways to prevent our way of life from collapsing before our very eyes. We have worked too hard to loose it all for nothing. If you know someone who is struggling with basic needs then reach out to them and let them know you care. Even if we don't always have the financial resources to make all our loved ones problems magically disappear, we can show simple love and compassion and offer any support we can to those in need.


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