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Adventure Island

10001 McKinley Dr, Tampa, FL 33612

Bush Gardens Tampa - Adventure Island

Attraction and Theme Park Description:

Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa, Florida, is a premier destination for water-themed excitement and family-friendly fun. Nestled amidst lush tropical landscapes, this expansive water park offers a refreshing oasis for visitors looking to cool off and enjoy a day of aquatic adventures. With a diverse range of attractions, slides, and activities, Adventure Island caters to all ages and interests, making it an ideal spot for families, friends, and water enthusiasts.

Things To Do:

Adventure Island in Tampa, Florida, offers a tropical oasis of water-themed excitement for visitors seeking a thrilling escape from the Florida heat. This expansive water park boasts a variety of attractions and activities suitable for guests of all ages, making it a perfect destination for families, friends, and water enthusiasts.

One of Adventure Island's highlights is its collection of water slides, ranging from heart-pounding drops to more leisurely rides. Wahoo Run, for example, provides an exhilarating raft experience, while the Colossal Curl promises a twisting and turning adventure for those seeking a bit more excitement. From speed slides to family-friendly attractions, Adventure Island's water slides cater to a diverse range of preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone.

For those looking to relax and unwind, Adventure Island features a lazy river called Rambling Bayou, where guests can gently float along in inner tubes, taking in the scenic surroundings. The park also offers a wave pool, Endless Surf, creating an ocean-like experience with rolling waves for both relaxation and excitement. These serene attractions provide a perfect balance to the more adrenaline-fueled adventures, allowing visitors to customize their water park experience.

Adventure Island's commitment to family-friendly fun is evident in its dedicated areas for younger visitors. Fabulous Funhouse offers a colorful splash zone for children, complete with interactive water elements, while Splash Attack provides a space for playful water battles. With amenities like dining options, cabana rentals, and ample seating areas, Adventure Island in Tampa ensures a day of refreshing water fun in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.The heart of Adventure Island lies in its thrilling water slides that provide a perfect blend of excitement and exhilaration. From high-speed drops to winding twists and turns, the variety of slides ensures there's something for everyone, whether seeking an adrenaline rush or a more relaxed experience. The park's commitment to safety is evident with professionally maintained attractions and trained lifeguards throughout.

For those looking to unwind, Adventure Island offers relaxing options like lazy rivers and wave pools. Rambling Bayou, the lazy river, allows guests to leisurely float along, while the Endless Surf wave pool replicates the feel of ocean waves, providing a delightful aquatic experience. The park also caters to younger visitors with dedicated splash zones, ensuring a day of safe and enjoyable water play for the whole family.

Adventure Island goes beyond the water attractions, offering amenities like dining options, cabana rentals, and shaded seating areas. The tropical-themed surroundings create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience for visitors. Whether seeking heart-pounding thrills or a leisurely day by the water, Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa promises a day of aquatic fun and lasting memories.

Adventure Island in Tampa, Florida, offers a tropical oasis of water-themed excitement for visitors seeking a thrilling escape from the Florida heat. This expansive water park boasts a variety of attractions and activities suitable for guests of all ages, making it a perfect destination for families, friends, and water enthusiasts.
Island in Tampa ensures a day of refreshing water fun in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Rides and Shows:

Water Park in Tampa Florida - Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa, Florida, is renowned for its exhilarating rides and attractions that cater to a wide range of thrill-seekers. From high-speed water slides to leisurely river experiences, the park offers a diverse array of rides that promise excitement and fun for visitors of all ages.

One of the standout attractions is Vanish Point, an adrenaline-pumping slide that features two drop slides, each providing a heart-stopping free fall experience. Riders can choose between the Drop Slide, where the floor disappears beneath them, or the Speed Slide, offering a more traditional vertical drop – both ensuring an unforgettable ride.

Wahoo Run is another must-try ride, offering a thrilling rafting experience down twisting and turning waterways. Families and friends can enjoy this multi-person ride together, navigating the twists and turns as they make their way to the splash pool below.

For those seeking a more laid-back experience, Rambling Bayou provides a relaxing lazy river adventure. Visitors can float along the gentle currents in inner tubes, taking in the scenic surroundings and enjoying a leisurely break from the more intense attractions.

Colossal Curl stands out as a family-favorite, featuring a cloverleaf-shaped slide that combines elements of both excitement and unpredictability. This ride offers a unique and thrilling experience as riders zip through twists and turns in a giant funnel before splashing into the pool below.

Adventure Island also boasts an expansive wave pool named Endless Surf, providing an ocean-like experience with rolling waves for guests to enjoy. Whether catching waves or simply soaking up the sun on the surrounding beaches, it's a popular spot for both relaxation and excitement.

These are just a few examples of the exciting rides that Adventure Island Water Park has to offer. With a mix of heart-pounding thrills and family-friendly adventures, the park ensures that every visitor can find their perfect dose of excitement amidst the Florida sunshine.


Aruba Tuba
Hang on, this is one fast Water Slide!
We hope you're not afraid of the dark! This enclosed water slide will heighten all your other senses as you shoot through the dark to the bottom at a raging speed and into the splash pool. Dare it by yourself or grab a friend to join you on the double-person tube.

Rapids Racer
World's first dueling saucer water slide
Three, two, one go! Feel the rush of competition on Rapids Racer! Riders grab a two-person raft before racing through nearly 600 feet of slide, complete with low walls to encounter your opponents throughout this side-by-side experience. The thrill of the chase is amplified as guests swirl through the world’s first dueling saucers in this exhilarating journey full of high-speed tunnels, turns, and more.
Who will conquer this high-speed slide first? Find out at the finish line!

Wahoo Remix!
Enjoy waves of water and sound as you splash to the beat of a remixed favorite attraction.
Formerly Wahoo Run, Wahoo Remix is Adventure Island’s first water slide to feature synchronized light and sound elements, delivering an all-new, high energy, family raft ride experience with ultimate party vibes. Enclosed tunnels that were once dark glow and groove as riders zoom through over 600 feet of fun.
Height Restrictions: Anyone under 42" is required to ride with a life vest and a supervising companion at least 48" tall.

Solar Vortex
America’s first dual tailspin waterslide
Spin and splash on this high-thrill family raft slide that combines high-banking rotations and rapid descents, sending sliders on a swirling journey through two open tailspin features. Solar Vortex includes three dynamic AquaLucent™ elements – harnessing the power of the Florida sun into colorful patterns that shine through the slide as riders reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Vanish Point
Plunge 70 Feet on Adventure Island’s Drop Slide
Prepare to vanish down an epic free-fall at Vanish Point®.
This water slide will literally pull the floor from under your feet. Prepare to drop down this 70-foot drop slide that let's you choose between two skyboxes. And smile for the camera, because we're capturing your moment live! Each slide will send you through 425 feet of spiraling tubes until you reach the splash run finale. Are you brave enough to take on Vanish Point®?

Colossal Curl
Defy Gravity on Florida's Favorite Thrill Water Slide
Grab your daring friends for this epic slide, complete with corkscrews and waterfalls.
Hurtle high above Adventure Island and experience a feeling of weightlessness aboard Colossal Curl. True to its name and holding up to four passengers, this mega slide delivers a high-adrenaline, action-packed adventure, making it the ultimate family thrill slide.

Calypso Coaster
Experience an Open Flume Ride Full of Twists and Turns
This open flume water ride holds up to two passengers and is full of soaking wet fun!
Hang on tight to your tube as you go through the many twists and turns on this ride. Starting from one of the highest points at Adventure Island, Calypso Coaster pushes riders through a whirlwind of spins before dropping into a splash pool. Get ready for lots of surprises along the way down!

Caribbean Corkscrew
Race a Friend Down These Twisting Slides
Twist and turn down this high-speed slide that will have your hair standing on end.
Grab your partner-in-crime for this daring twist on a corkscrew. These two water slides will take you down a fast and twisted ride - completely in the dark! For a thrill-seeking duo, this slide is the ultimate challenge featuring endless spirals.

Dive Head First on the Racing Mat Slide
Race your friends down this four-lane water slide. 3, 2, 1, Go!
Florida's first four-lane mat slide is a high-speed thrill ride making a splash at Adventure Island. Riptide allows guests to compete against three other riders for a competitive mat-slide adventure. All four racers are released simultaneously from a height of 55 feet into their own tubes, twisting through a hairpin turn before plunging into four open-air lanes for a drenching finish!

Water Moccasin
Three Different Slides, Three Different Wet Experiences
This triple-tube thriller snakes through an unpredictable spiraling slide and delivers maximum fun every inch of the way.
You never know which tube will deliver you into the splash pool when you brave the Water Moccasin. That's half the fun. The other half? The crazy ride down.


Castaway Falls - Opening Spring 2024
What a place to get marooned for a while! Get ready to wash ashore at Castaway Falls, our brand-new interactive splash and play area opening in 2024. With multiple levels and more than 100 distinct play elements, it’s an ideal spot for kids of all ages—even the littlest adventurers!
Jump in and explore tons of exciting experiences, from three giant tipping buckets that dump over 1,300 gallons of water combined to four thrilling slides, soakers, flow pipes, hose and spray jets, water curtains, tipping troughs, and much more. These falls are overflowing with splashy fun for the whole family!

Shaka-Laka Shores - NOW OPEN!
All-New Interactive Splash and Play Zone
Shaka-Laka Shores, located in the heart of Adventure Island, features 25 play elements and a central kid-friendly play structure bound to entertain and engage even the youngest of guests. The newest addition also includes a variety of interactive aquatic components, all within a zero-depth area - ideal for smaller kids - as well as additional shaded sections.

Endless Surf
The surf's always up in our breathtaking, 17,000 square foot wave pool. A rolling surf with waves awaits you every ten minutes.
Age/Height Restrictions: We strongly suggest that all weak or non-swimmers wear a life vest.

Rambling Bayou
This calm, half-mile tube trip will take you on an adventure through the park. Rambling Bayou™ is a relaxing way to take a break from the excitement and keep cool. It's a perfect bit of rest and relaxation between thrills and spills.
Age/Height Restrictions: We recommend that riders under 42 inches tall wear a life vest.

Paradise Lagoon
You’ll find a cool pool to relax and unwind, and a fun net climb to test your skills at Paradise Lagoon™. The bravest thrill-seekers can splash from our cliff jumps into 9,000 square-feet of tropical blue water. The scene is so tropical you may find yourself happily lost in every moment of action-packed adventure.
Age/Height Restrictions: We strongly suggest that all weak or non-swimmers wear a life vest.

Places To Eat:

Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa, Florida, provides a variety of dining options to satisfy the appetites of its visitors after a day of water-themed excitement. From quick bites to satisfying meals, the park offers diverse choices to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Hang Ten Tiki Bar
As the water park's first full-service bar, the laid-back vibes of Hang Ten Tiki Bar offers a wave of refreshment. With hand-crafted signature cocktails, fan-favorite local brews, and a regional and international rum selection, Hang Ten Tiki Bar offers guests a perfect island oasis to fuel up for all-day fun.

Surfside Cafe
When your appetite becomes as big as the slides at Adventure Island, head to Surfside Cafe for a variety of delicious meals and desserts. The menu includes burgers, chicken strips, and fresh salads, along with ice-cold beverages and brews.

Mango Joes
There are plenty of fan favorites to fill up on at Mango Joe's. The menu offers smoked chicken, ribs, BBQ pork sandwiches, and fresh salads. Top it all off with one of our freshly made desserts or cool down with one of our frozen cocktails, bottled beverages and draft beer from the Bayou Beach Club. We've got something for the whole family!

Island Truck
This is a perfect pit-stop to take a break and fuel up while you relax in the new and colorful seating. You can enjoy a variety of empanadas, including buffalo chicken, spinach & cheese, and beef & cheese, along with chips and more!

Colossal Snacks
Colossal Snacks serves a variety of quick food and snack options. Enjoy personal pizzas, chilled beverages and more.

Captain Pete's
Enjoy a variety of snacks located right next to the Endless Surf wave pool. Ice-cold beer, Icee® frozen beverages, churros, and pretzels are available here.

Embark on a culinary adventure at Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa Bay, where a wave of refreshment and delectable delights await. Hang Ten Tiki Bar, the water park's first full-service bar, invites you to soak in the laid-back vibes while sipping on hand-crafted signature cocktails, enjoying fan-favorite local brews, and exploring a selection of regional and international rums. It's the perfect island oasis to fuel up for a day of non-stop fun.

When your appetite matches the excitement of the slides, Surfside Cafe beckons with a diverse menu featuring mouthwatering burgers, chicken strips, fresh salads, and ice-cold beverages. Meanwhile, Mango Joe's serves up fan favorites like smoked chicken, ribs, BBQ pork sandwiches, and delectable salads. Cap off your meal with freshly made desserts or cool down with frozen cocktails, bottled beverages, and draft beer from the Bayou Beach Club. There's something to satisfy every member of the family.

For a quick pit-stop and a burst of flavors, head to Island Truck. Relax in the colorful seating area and indulge in a variety of empanadas, from buffalo chicken to spinach & cheese, accompanied by chips and more. Colossal Snacks offers a quick fix with personal pizzas, chilled beverages, and other snack options. And don't forget Captain Pete's, conveniently located next to the Endless Surf wave pool, where you can grab ice-cold beer, Icee® frozen beverages, churros, and pretzels to keep the energy flowing throughout your aquatic adventure. Adventure Island Water Park ensures that your taste buds are as thrilled as you are!

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