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If you live in the Davenport Florida area or if you are visiting and need minor medical help then checkout the Walk In Clinics that offer medical services that are otherwise not treated at Emergency Rooms or by Specialist.

Check back to see new Walk In Clinics added to the site as we update the list periodically. 

Go to the hospital if you have an Emergency and need immediate medical treatment. 

Most walk in clinics in the Davenport area accept some insurance and cash or credit cards. You can contact the clinics in advance to find out what their payment policies are for service.

If you have a common cold or flu then Walk In Clinics are great to get some quick help so you can start feeling better and enjoy Davenport Florida.

Davenport Florida Walk In Clinics - ER Davenport


Address: 7810 Lake Wilson Rd

Davenport, FL 33896

Phone:(863) 420-7617

Paramount Urgent Care

Address: 628 Cagan Crossings Blvd

Clermont, FL 34714

Phone:(352) 242-1988


Located in: CVS

Address: 7575 Osceola Polk Line Rd

Davenport, FL 33896

Phone:(321) 677-0531

Walk-in clinics have become a popular and convenient option for individuals seeking prompt medical attention for minor illnesses and injuries. These clinics offer a valuable alternative to traditional primary care settings, providing on-the-spot care without the need for appointments. One of the key advantages of walk-in clinics is their accessibility, allowing patients to receive timely medical assistance, especially when faced with non-emergency health concerns.

These clinics are staffed by qualified healthcare professionals, including nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who are equipped to diagnose and treat a variety of common ailments. From minor infections and allergies to sprains and strains, walk-in clinics cater to a broad range of medical needs. The streamlined nature of these clinics enables patients to receive swift care, making them particularly suitable for those with busy schedules or individuals who require immediate attention.

Another notable aspect of walk-in clinics is their cost-effectiveness. Many insurance plans cover services provided by these clinics, making them an affordable option for individuals seeking medical care without the financial burden associated with emergency room visits. This cost efficiency, coupled with the convenience of quick service, has contributed to the widespread popularity of walk-in clinics as a primary healthcare resource for non-life-threatening conditions.

In addition to their medical services, some walk-in clinics also offer preventive care, vaccinations, and wellness checks. This comprehensive approach enhances their role in promoting overall community health. Overall, walk-in clinics serve as valuable healthcare hubs, bridging the gap between primary care and emergency services, and providing accessible and timely medical assistance to individuals seeking efficient and affordable healthcare solutions.

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