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Your Destination For Dance Schools In The Four Corners & Davenport Area
Davenport Florida Dace Schools Academy

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Dance Schools Located Near Davenport Florida


Visit Davenport Florida today and learn how to dance! Most places teach from 18 months up to adults depending on the type of classes you are looking for. It's never too late to learn to dance so contact one of the amazing places today.

Most Dance Schools or Academy Will Teach You One Of These Styles. Ballet & pointe consist of barre and center work and traveling exercises. Students learn dance terminology along with proper placement, balance and poise and grace. Ballet and Tap Combo is usually for younger children who will learn the basic steps and terminology of both  ballet and tap. Creative Movement is usually an introduction to dance where you learn basic coordination, motor skills, rhythm and other fun games and themes. Hip Hop is very popular with younger dancers and this fun and energetic dance class help you learn the latest dance trends. Jazz consist of a stylized theatrical form of dance that is influenced by different musical styles from several decades. Learn warm ups, stretching and across the floor techniques.. Tap is the most rhythmic of dance form and is an excellent way to increase coordination of the mind and body and to develop a sense of timing, rhythm and expression. Some studios in the Davenport Florida area even offer Mom and Me classes which allow for both moms and their young dancers so both can learn and have fun at the same time. Some Contemporary dance includes blends of ballet and jazz for a unique self expression.

Performers Edge Dance Center

2629 Waverly Bard Rd Suite 125

Davenport Florida


Dance Station Orlando

7545 Osceola Polk Line Rd

Davenport Florida


Learn to Dance in Davenport Florida

 It's never too late to learn to dance in Davenport, If you are looking for a dance center for your kids or children in the Davenport, ChampionsGate, Celebration, Haines City, Clermont, Kissimmee, Orlando, Lakeland, Reunion, Four Corners or Disney area then Visit Davenport Florida can help you find the perfect place to learn. Contact the academies to find the best one for you or your child to unleash their creative genius.

Hip Hop

The Benefits of Dance Schools in Davenport Florida

Dance schools are great places for individuals who are interested in learning different styles of dance. There are many different styles of dance taught at dance schools, including ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, and freestyle. Ballet is a classical dance form that emphasizes grace, precision, and technique. Tap is a rhythmic dance style that involves the use of metal taps on the bottom of shoes to create percussion-like sounds. Hip hop is a high-energy dance style that originated in the hip hop culture and is characterized by its improvisation and use of urban dance moves. Jazz is a modern and energetic dance style that incorporates elements of ballet and other styles. Freestyle is a dance style that allows for a lot of creative expression and movement, often characterized by improvisation and fluidity of movement. Whether you are interested in learning a particular style of dance or just looking to improve your dance skills, dance schools offer a variety of classes and programs to suit your needs.

Davenport Florida Ballet Dancers Tap Hip Hop Jazz

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